Addressing Homeless Encampments

Homeless encampmentHomelessness in Los Angeles is a serious and complex issue. The City Council is united in our efforts to tackle the many causes of homelessness – but we must also address the issues that homeless encampments bring in our neighborhoods, parks, sidewalks and other public places. My commitment is to keeping the Sixth District clean and safe – so families and children can walk down the sidewalk in the neighborhood, or a senior citizen or person with a disability doesn’t have to step into an unsafe street to get around someone who has set up camp. That’s why I was incredibly proud to work with my colleagues on updating the City law (called 56.11) to limit the belongings that people can store on the street, and to give law enforcement and other city departments the tools they need to keep our communities safe for everyone. We shouldn’t be alright with people in Los Angeles relegated to living on our sidewalks, and we should do everything we can to help them, and keep our neighborhood public spaces safe and clean for everyone to use.

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