A Night at St. Gen’s

As part of their Valiant Speaker Series, I visited Saint Genevieve High School in Panorama City for a panel discussion on my experience in politics, and how we can empower our fellow women to run for office and win. With questions submitted by students, we also discussed a diverse range of topics covering some of our City and country's most pressing issues. Following this event and my day at Harvard Westlake a few weeks before, I find myself more optimistic about the future of our democracy. 

I have met so many smart, talented, and driven young people who are driven to learn about politics because of issues close to their hearts. At a time when many of us feel the large gap between what goes on in Los Angeles and what goes on in Washington, we cannot forget how much important work happens at the local level. Naturally, our junior emcees saved the most important, hardest-hitting question for the end: Will the intersection of Roscoe and Woodman be getting a Starbucks? I am happy to announce that the answer is yes. As the saying goes, all politics is local.