A New Destination for Solar Power

More than 10,000 jobs in the San Fernando Valley are connected directly and indirectly to the Van Nuys Airport. This airport is the biggest job generator in the San Fernando Valley, and it helps grow the economic reach of the businesses and people who use this facility. One of my priorities as your representative is to ensure that our community receives our fair share. With the Aerolease solar project, we are installing solar panels that will produce 1.5 megawatts of clean power. 

By turning on just these panels here at Van Nuys Airport, we will produce enough power to handle nearly 450 homes per year. Folks, that means when the peak summer temps hit, that perhaps we will not have to rely as heavily on the Valley Generating Station to meet demand. It also means we will produce fewer greenhouse gasses for our residents here in the Valley. By preparing for a clean energy future, we are ensuring that our community will benefit from the emerging clean energy economy and will be ready to face the future.