Year in Review

Just one year ago, we made history. We stood together, committed to building a brighter future upon our historic past. And what a year it’s been!

First Steps: Meeting with the community

Countless 1-on-1 conversations with Sixth District residents

Dozens of Neighborhood meetings

I began by meeting with our neighbors at group meetings, neighborhood watches, neighborhood councils, and Community Police Advisory Boards in living rooms, parks and community centers. We discussed the work that needed to be achieved to make the Sixth District great. Since then, I spent this year focusing on these key areas:

Revitalization, Preservation, Mitigation and Restoration.

We are focused on revitalizing our economy in Van Nuys and Panorama City, preserving the quality of life in Lake Balboa and Arleta, mitigating and restoring impacted communities in Sun Valley and restoring under served areas in North Hollywood and North Hills East. And throughout our entire district, we are restoring public safety in the community we are proud to call home.

Economic Development: Revitalization

Growing up in the Valley, I remember the good paying, middle class jobs that once existed in our community.  As a Councilwoman, I have visited many manufacturers and local businesses that are the back bone of our District's economy. Together we are revitalizing our economy and bringing new jobs to the Sixth.

To begin, I am working with old and new local businesses that want to expand and thrive.

As a long time supporter of the Van Nuys Airport, I was proud to usher in the new Propeller Park that will include a terminal, restaurant and over 30 acres dedicated to propeller aircrafts to train young pilots.

I am working with local leaders and community members to attract new retailers and businesses to shopping centers in Panorama City.

I worked inside City Hall to ensure the expansion of the Orly facility continued uninterrupted.

After speaking with businesses on our historic Van Nuys Corridor, I intervened to extend parking hours and lower parking rates to increase opportunities for visitors to enjoy downtown Van Nuys.

I welcomed new businesses like MacLeod Ale Brewery to economic corridors.

Quality of Life: Preservation

Over One Million sq. feet of graffiti removed

1,500 trees trimmed

 Nearly 500 tons of bulky item trash removed

Roughly 1,700 lights converted to LED lights

70.55 miles of resurfaced streets

As the Sixth District continues to evolve and grow, it is important that we preserve the quality of life valued by our valley families. Some solutions can come from policies in City Hall, but the most effective ones focus on basic city services in our district, including rolling up our sleeves for monthly clean ups hosted by my office and community groups.

We are making progress everyday and I’m proud to work with you directly to clean our communities and improve our future.

Improvements by neighborhood:

Throughout the district, we have worked closely with LAPD and the City Attorney to close more than a dozen illegal marijuana dispensaries.

Additionally, I introduced a motion that calls for city departments to coordinate their efforts to ensure that illegal marijuana dispensaries are shut down and cannot receive permits or certificates to operate in Los Angeles.

For Arleta, I introduced legislation to prohibit cars with “For Sale” signs from parking on certain streets where they had become problematic to residents and local businesses.

In Lake Balboa, I worked with local community members to ensure that public comment was  held for a Sepulveda Basin project that altered a local area.

In Panorama City and North Hills East, we broke ground on a much-needed, state-of-the-art Fire Station 7 that would enable the Fire Department to serve our community best.

In Sun Valley and North Hollywood, we preserved a 10-acre green space by changing the land use designation from an industrial zone to open space.

In Van Nuys, to encourage our local health and well-being, I sponsored the annual flu shot clinic.

Open Space: Mitigation and Restoration

I'm proud of our community and I believe that we can make it even more beautiful. I am working to create more ribbon openings like this one at Branford Park for the enjoyment of all our young families and older community members. Today, we are collaborating to create a greener and brighter tomorrow in the Sixth District.

We are turning empty lots into family-friendly, beautiful parks like the Sheldon Skate Park in Sun Valley and the Devonshire Arleta Park in Arleta.

I’m working closely with local industrial operators to not only clean up the area but continue to support local jobs and maintain a good relationship with our neighborhoods.

We're seeing improvements to our parks throughout the district, including the new baseball fields at Branford Park and the Universal Playground at Fernangeles Park.

I also introduced a motion to tackle urban blight in our community by removing clothing bins from our public sidewalks that often attract graffiti and unwanted waste.

And to protect the health of our community, I fought for enfranchisement of local waste haulers to minimize the number of waste trucks that pollute our air.

But our work is not done. We are moving forward with the 46-acre Rory Shaw  Wetlands Project, which will be enjoyed by our community and will be utilized for preserving storm water runoff.

Additionally, with the upcoming wetlands project in Sun Valley, we are providing better buffers from industrial space so that our families will be able to enjoy these parks without worrying about the impact of neighboring gravel pits on local air quality.

Public Safety: Restoration

Prostitution diversion program established

Pimping arrests increased

Strip Club permits halted

Creating a more family-friendly community

Public Safety impacts every facet of our lives. From our economy to our quality of life, it remains my number one priority. Speaking with Stephany Powell (Mary Magdalene Project)  and working with local groups including the Kester Ridge Neighborhood Watch, Coalition Against Human Trafficking, and Groups Against Street Prostitution we are starting to make a difference.

Since coming to office, I’ve battled sex trafficking in our key corridors along with the City Attorney, Mary Magdalene Project, the LAPD, and local community members.

My office funded two Prostitution Enforcement Detail (PED) cars for areas known for sex trafficking. This work resulted in  permanent funding for PED cars in the 2014-15 budget.

I also introduced a motion to halt the issuance of adult use permits in areas impacted by sex trafficking.

I worked with the City Attorney to establish the first "John School" in San Fernando Valley. This unique program teaches Johns about the victims of sex trafficking. As a result, less than 1% that attend this program, repeat their sex crimes.

I stood with my colleagues from the valley in support of the Rescue Mission following the fire that destroyed their facilities.


As the only elected woman and mother in City Hall, I take that role seriously. I’m proud to ensure that my voice is also a voice for women across our City.

I am working closely with the Los Angeles Fire Department to ensure that the department is welcoming to and seeking women firefighters to ensure the next generation of daughters can follow in their dads' footsteps.

I also led the City Council as we increased awareness of California's Paid Family Medical Leave program for mothers and fathers that need time to care for sick or new members of their family.

As a mother, I understand the importance of early childhood education and, as a result, I introduced a motion to provide Pre-K Literacy Programs at our local libraries.

I was proud to nominate Sharon Tso as the first woman and Asian-American to the highest Council advisory position.

My Ready for Women Fellowship program is bringing together young women from across the City to train and prepare them as the next generation of leaders.


Our work is far from over but I'm so proud of the wonderful steps we've already taken together. We’re changing the history of our district and I’m glad to stand beside you as our community continues to flourish!